POSTED 09.19.2012

Daily Dose of Batshit Crazy

Here’s a comment received on my font Ghastly Panic at a popular font website:

JakHunter 11-26-2011
Attention everyone reading these comments, Including you Sinister, you 40 year old piece of shit, Sinister Visions or whatever the fuck this fag calls himself is not the creator of Ghastly Panic, he’s been fucking taking credit for something my best friend created when he was in middle school, and its fucking sad when a 40 something year old man has to steal something a 7th grader worked really hard on, as a font maker myself if you ever steal any of my fonts I will not hesitate to sue your ass, or just come to your house and kill you, have a nice life, whats left of it-JakHunter best friend of Panic144

So… yeah. Wow. Just… wow.